In-Depth Case Study: Reusable Face Coverings Success

Increasing online sales & growing brand awareness

The story of how we grew a small family business to 1M monthly revenue in less than 9 months.


A small family-owned business in San Francisco, CA, was very concerned about the health and safety of their family, friends and community.

In order to keep themselves and their loved ones safe & healthy they needed to find an efficient, affordable and practical protection from harmful airborne particles.

Thus, the Reusable Face Cover was born.


Around March 2020, we got a phone call from one of our clients in the tourism industry saying –

“Guys, this thing with COVID19 is getting out of hand, and we expect our business to shut down this and the following few years. We teamed up with our friends in San Francisco CA, and we have a large quantity of high quality reusable face coverings that we want to try and sell in the US market. We don’t know if and how this project will work or how much we can sell but we are eager to try, are you guys up to the challenge?”

Yes. Yes, we were.


We were challenged to work with a high demand product in very uncertain times. That meant the stakes were high, the market was very competitive and nobody knew what to expect since the world was in crysis. On the positive side, we had an excellent product. The masks were reusable, offering better protection with the added pockets for filters, and a solid and sleek design.

The real challenge was working in a very fast pace with a very time-sensitive product, while trying to predict the changes in the global events. With time against us, we invested heavily in direct sales, since there was no time for building brand awareness. We did quick iterative testing of different sales channels, which provided us with enough data to conclude that we should focus on senior citizens and Facebook as the marketing channel.

Together with the client we worked day and night to produce as much content as possible, creating different visuals and copy for different ad sets and campaigns in the shortest time possible. We used studio shootings, video testimonials, product shots, product videos and carousel ads to run campaigns and at one point we had over 150 ads running at the same time.

We were highly focused on optimizing sales funnels and delivering better marketing return (ROAS), while working on raising the sales numbers each day consistently.


Our efforts were fruitful, and we showed hockey stick growth on a month by month basis.

The first three months we increased our sales by 180% each month, while the fourth month we increased sales for over 320% compared to the last month. In the fifth month we grew again, by over 120% compared to the previous month.

We started getting so many comments on a daily level, that we hired a whole team of social media managers to work 24/7 on Facebook moderation in order to filter the comments. The average marketing return (ROAS) achieved varied from 2.90 to 3.85, which is a lot with this kind of volume and scale.

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