Case Study: Lower Frequency, Higher ROAS and Drop in CPC

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Case Study: Lower Frequency, Higher ROAS and lower Cost per Conversion

Client Overview:

Our client approached our agency seeking to enhance the performance of their online advertising campaigns. The client's primary goals were to increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and reduce the cost per conversion while maintaining a strong brand presence across the diverse markets.

Challenges Faced:

Upon analyzing the initial campaign performance, we identified a high frequency issue. The client's advertisements were reaching the same audience repeatedly, leading to ad fatigue and diminished engagement. 


Our team devised a strategic approach to address the frequency challenges and optimize campaign performance. The key focus was on lowering the frequency to prevent audience saturation and exhaustion, thereby revitalizing interest and engagement. This involved implementing a more granular targeting strategy, diversifying ad creatives, and adjusting bidding parameters to ensure optimal ad delivery.


Granular Targeting: We refined audience segments based on demographics, interests, and online behavior to ensure a more diverse and receptive audience.

Diversified Ad Creatives: New and engaging ad creatives were introduced to provide variety and maintain the audience's interest over time. Creative elements were adapted to resonate with the unique approach to each market.

Bid Optimization: Real-time bid adjustments were implemented to ensure that the client's ads were shown to the most relevant and responsive segments of the audience.

Frequency Capping: A stringent frequency cap was set to limit the number of times an ad was shown to a user within a specified time frame, preventing overexposure and ad fatigue.


The impact of the strategic frequency management was remarkable, leading to a significant improvement in campaign metrics:

Frequency: Reduced by 41%

ROAS: Increased by an impressive 123%

Cost per Conversion: Decreased by 29.59%

Key Learnings:

Audience Understanding: A nuanced understanding of the diverse audience is crucial for effective targeting and engagement.

Creative Diversity: Regularly refreshing and diversifying ad creatives helps maintain audience interest and prevents ad fatigue.

Data-Driven Optimization: Continuous monitoring and analysis of campaign data allowed for real-time adjustments, ensuring optimal performance.

By addressing the frequency challenges and implementing a comprehensive optimization strategy, UNLMTD successfully enhanced the client's campaign performance. The remarkable results achieved in terms of increased ROAS and reduced cost per conversion underscore the importance of strategic frequency management in digital advertising campaigns. The success of this campaign serves as a testament to the effectiveness of data-driven, targeted, and culturally sensitive approaches.

Note: Client details and industry specifics have been kept confidential to uphold privacy and contractual agreements.

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