51% Conversion Rate With Innovative Lead Generation Campaign

Drive Force USA, is a trucking company with tailor-made solutions. They are best known for recruiting top-notch CDL drivers in USA market.

FInd out how UNLMTD's strategic Facebook campaign generated 10,886 quality leads with a 51% conversion rate in the trucking industry.

About the company

Drive Force USA, is a logistic trucking company with tailor-made solutions. They are best known for recruiting top-notch CDL drivers in USA market.

The challenges

Our client, a growing logistics company specializing in the trucking industry, approached UNLMTD with a unique challenge. They were starting from scratch with no online presence and didn't even have a website. The primary objective was to generate high-quality leads for experienced truck drivers.

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Create an online presence for the client.
  2. Generate leads for truck drivers with 1+ years of experience.
  3. Implement an innovative lead filtering strategy to distinguish between good and bad leads.
  4. Optimize the lead generation process for maximum efficiency.


1. Building from Scratch: UNLMTD initiated a comprehensive strategy to establish the client's online presence. This included creating a Facebook page and setting up a business account. Despite not having a website, UNLMTD leveraged Facebook's lead generation forms to capture potential leads directly on the platform.

2. Lead Filtering with Instant Forms: To differentiate between good and bad leads, UNLMTD implemented an innovative approach using Facebook Lead Generation forms. The key differentiator was the inclusion of a question about the years of driving experience. If a lead indicated 0 to 1 years of experience, they were automatically redirected to a thank-you page, politely informing them that the client was specifically looking for drivers with 1+ years of experience.

3. Sales Team Integration: Every lead with 1+ years of experience was seamlessly transferred to the client's sales team for further evaluation. The sales team provided feedback on which leads were considered excellent, based on additional criteria such as driving record and availability.

4. Custom Audience Creation: Using the feedback from the sales team, UNLMTD created a custom audience composed of the identified excellent leads. This audience was then targeted with follow-up ads, ensuring a more personalized and effective communication approach.


The UNLMTD team successfully executed the campaign, achieving remarkable results:

  • Leads Generated: 10,886
  • Conversion Rate: 51%

The innovative lead filtering strategy not only generated a significant number of leads but also ensured that the client's sales team focused their efforts on the most promising prospects. The custom audience targeting further enhanced the efficiency of the follow-up communication.

UNLMTD's approach not only helped the client establish an online presence from scratch but also delivered a substantial number of high-quality leads. By utilizing Facebook Lead Generation forms creatively and implementing an effective lead filtering mechanism, the campaign achieved outstanding results, demonstrating the power of innovative strategies in digital marketing. This success has set a strong foundation for the client's future growth in the competitive trucking industry.

Note: Client details and industry specifics have been kept confidential to uphold privacy and contractual agreements.

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