Case Study: 30% MRR increase in less than 6 months.

Authority Builders provides done-for-you link building service for websites looking for quality guest posts.

To create a winning funnel, we used a 5 step approach that converted cold audience into buyers.

About the company

Authority Builders provides done-for-you link building service for websites looking for quality guest posts. AB's guest posting service allows to choose from hundreds of high authority websites that cover just about any niche.

The challenges

Although the company was in a sweet spot by having a great organic position, they wanted to increase the number of new customers coming through paid ads and to make sure we can track all important metrics including LTV, Churn Rate, Cost per Acquisition & ROAS.

Additionally, they wanted to see how their lead magnets are performing long term - what percentage of leads generated actually become paying customers.


To create a successful strategy we focused on the following:

Building out custom environment to make sure we can track every piece of data coming from paid efforts.

Creating a marketing funnel to understand how we can transform cold audience into leads and then into paying customers.

Creating custom events and audiences to achieve better results through paid channels ROAS wise.

Data Setup

Everything starts with a proper data setup! To make sure we can track all metrics we needed to build out a semi-custom solution - Server Side Tracking.

Using Server Side we built another property in GA - User ID, with it, each qualified user receives a unique number and we can track and trace all of his actions. This allowed us to actually understand:

✅What percentage of visitors/leads turns into a paying customer

✅What's the average time it usually takes for them to convert and how can we shorten the cycle.

✅What's the average LTV, when are they buying and what strategies we can implement to increase LTV

✅How each country is performing and what markets are more/less interesting for us.

✅What are the actual KPI's, how much we can pay for each conversion.

Creating custom events on GTM and Facebook (through pixel) allowed us to build high converting custom audiences we exploited on both Google and Facebook.

Finally, we used Supermetrics tool to track real time data. It helped us to get a better overview how the budget is spend and keep a close eye at campaigns all the time.

Marketing Funnel

Common misconception in SaaS industry is expecting to hit positive ROAS as soon as possible and then utilize winning creatives to increase the number of conversions.

Unfortunately, nowadays having a positive ROAS (3 or more) requires more of a strategic approach to the project than the creative one, meaning that results will come over time rather than instant.

Luckily, with a right strategy you can beat the competitors and make sure the revenue will continuously grow over time with less effort!

The other thing is that most SaaS owners don't really understand their metrics, which can lead to bad or faulty conclusions. This is why a proper data setup was built before we moved on to creating a funnel.

To create a winning funnel, we used a 5 step approach that converted cold audience into buyers.

Step 1 - Cold Audience was sent to the website

Step 2 - A free webinar was offered to all website visitors

Step 3 - Everyone that either watched webinar were offered to get a free set of SEO guides

Step 4 - We retargeted webinar leads and email opt-ins to register to the Dashboard for free and receive $100 credit.

Step 5 - We offered everyone that registered to the dashboard a free consultation call with Authority Builders's SEO experts

Tailored content was shown to the specific audience depending on the position in the funnel. Server Side helped us to understand also how each country is performing so after a while we were able to create different Tiers where we would have tier based KPI's.


And here are the results we achieved for AB:

NET MRR Growth YoY - 31.4%

Number of registrations YoY - 103.8%

Website visits YoY - 202.6%

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