ProSport's Journey: Conquering B2C from B2B Origins

290% Unique Sales Increase

Expanding and scaling the whole B2C segment for one of Serbia’s largest professional sports equipment business.


ProSport is one of the largest regional distributors of new, used and refurbished professional fitness equipment covering both B2B and B2C segments.

Their portfolio also includes fitness accessories and sportswear.


ProSport is a huge player in the fitness B2B market, with well-established partnerships with gyms, spas, and other fitness-based venues. However, they were largely unknown in the B2C market to which they wanted to expand.

When they launched their e-commerce website, the visitors were overwhelmed and confused by their huge portfolio of over 2000 different products, with no distinct separation between the commercial and the professional line other than the price range.

At the time, most of the market went to other more renowned sellers in the B2C market for commercial grade fitness products. Expanding on the B2C market was ProSport’s primary goal while retaining the strong B2B segment it had already developed.


Our first challenge was to completely diversify the product line up in verticals, for both B2B and B2C clients. We quickly redesigned the website, making it much more usable and user friendly. We carefully explained the difference between product fit, whether it was for home or commercial use.

We created specific marketing and sales funnels for both customer segments. The B2B segment had the goal of building and maintaining long term trust with managers and business owners, so we focused on educating them about the benefits of working with ProSport via PR articles, newsletters and tailored content.

We started growing the brand awareness and building an email list, while advertising on the paid channels. B2C had the goal of scaling the sales of products for home users, so we invested heavily on social media, and we twisted the editorial strategy to make the content more interesting and engaging for the end users.

Our initial research showed that the competitors were more focused on treadmills, bicycles, rowers and other expensive products. In contrast, we started building our relationships with our customers by offering them more affordable fitness accessories and fitness wear, and then we started increasing their lifetime value by growing their average value of purchase, once they’ve tested ProSport’s products.


After two years of collaboration, we expanded to three more countries and got a loyal base of consumers.

We increased the website traffic by 163% and increased online sales by 259%. Unique sales increased over 290%.

Social Media user activity increased over 170% and revenue through SM channels increased over 400%.

The average ROAS achieved for fitness wear and accessories is 15.48 and for fitness equipment is 5.35.

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