Analyzing Triumph: The Story of PhD Nutrition Success

165% Conversion Rate Increase

Helping a large premium sports nutrition brand scale their online sales, and increase both revenue and brand positioning in the process.


PhD was established in 2006 by two serious gym lovers on a mission to change the sports nutrition landscape away from a disingenuous approach and into an area where honesty and quality prevailed.

From these small beginnings, PhD is now a well established premium sports nutrition brand, sold in over 45 countries world wide.


PhD brand is one of the most expensive supplements brands on the market, with a narrow primary target group of professional and recreational athletes.

The company had two distinct problems:

1. Educating the people about the importance of the quality of the products in a market plagued with low quality offers that generate no results.

2. Scaling their online sales and measuring success.

Up until then, PhD was relying on brand ambassadors to help them raise their brand awareness, but that success metric was very hard to track and attribute to the bottom line. With less than 10 offline stores, PhD needed to find new channels to promote and sell their products.


Our first goal was to set up a strong base of operations, since PhD only had stores in 2 major cities at the time. We created a tailor made e-commerce platform to help them expand their reach and scale their sales to the whole country.

We created a strategy that would tackle both PhD’s major problems, and focused our efforts on them. Educating the target audience is a long and arduous process, but we successfully prevailed.

We kept collaborating with the brand ambassadors, expanding our network with micro influencers and their loyal following across the country. We further diversified our message based on the specific sport niche that was relevant to our target audience, like cross fit, biking, hiking, etc.

The goal was to strengthen the brand, provide necessary education about the importance of quality in sport nutrition products and build a larger audience on the social media channels, that we could later convert into paying customers. In parallel, we started with strong paid campaigns across different marketing channels. We knew that when our target audience tries PhD’s products, they wouldn’t want to go back at using lower quality products from other brands.

We noticed a gap in the market on Google Search and Display advertising, since most of the competitors were mostly only using the social media channels, with a preference for Instagram. This instantly boosted online sales, and we reinvested a part of the revenue back into social media where we were consistently kept increasing the engagement rate and activity of our accounts.

Brand ambassadors were sending a steady supply of visitors to our channels and website, and we used that opportunity to retarget them with tailored content. Each specific ad had a custom goal and tailor made offer with special discounts, which resulted in a high number of impulsive buys.

We further divided recurring customers into two verticals:

1. The ones that are only making purchases when we offer discounts

2. Loyal long term customer base


The number of users on PhDs social media channels increased over 10x in the first year, and over 2x in the last 6 months.

Active users grew 375% on all channels.

The existing conversion rate was boosted by over 165%, and we managed to convert 27.8K new users and achieve a ROAS average of 8.54, meaning that for each dollar invested in advertising the client gets 8.54 dollars back in revenue.

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