A Journey to Success: All Friends Coffee Shop Case Study

Using Google Ads to drive in store traffic

How we used Google Ads to drive local traffic in store during the specific hours of the day.


All Friends Coffee Shop is a local store in Ocean City, Maryland that offers a special kind of coffee and pastries to tourists staying in OC during the holiday season. The shop worked only in specific hours, from 12 to 4pm and from 6pm till 10pm every day.


They wanted to attract tourists to visit their coffee shop during the specific hours when they are open.

With a great offer of coffee and pastries they were sure to retain the customers base once they entered the store and tried it out. The problem was that in OC there are a number of local coffee shops and they couldn’t rely on traditional ways of advertising like the print or OOH. Like many others they wanted to increase their social media presence and attract traffic with striking creative concepts.


As the most important goal was to attract traffic in specific hours and we had a limited time window to do this (as the holiday season lasts around 3 months) we decided not to go with social media and push for Reach, Engagement and Lead ads but pivot to Google Search Local Ads.

Couple of reasons why we decided to go in this direction:


We did a deep analysis of keywords and competition and found out that there is a low number of competitors advertising on specific keywords and the price per click was relatively low.


Google would drive direct traffic and we would be able to precisely geotarget people in the vicinity while making sure they will see the ad just in the specific time frame we’ve set.


We’ve found out that tourists are more often using Google Maps than any other audience group while they are not that active on social media during the day.


Over 1.400 new recurring customers in four months

With all this information we presented a bit of a different strategy to the client. And the results were amazing.


Here is an overview of the results we managed to achieve

With a local campaign running from June till September we managed to reach 1.440 unique people. Low number of competitors advertising on Google helped us to get conversions for only $1.71.

Breaking down Assets and Performance, almost all of the performing ones had a Best performance mark.

To drive more conversions we made sure not to stick with evergreen ads but change them from time to time to be more appealing to the users.

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